Indoor Events

There are many different indoor events throughout the year held in the state of NH. Events range from Youth to Adult, be sure to also check out the outdoor events as well! Many different organizations run these events, each participant likely needs a membership to be allowed to be involved in the event, or there are entry fees. 


Youth (u14-u18) - Single Day Tournament Series - USAV 


NERVA stands for New England Region Volleyball Association. This association is one of the regions of USA Volleyball. The region runs tournaments during the year for its members. This series is comprised of typically five single day tournaments, teams that win move up into more competitive pools, while teams that lose move down in the ranks. 


NERVA #1 - Was held on February 21, 2021 - The format was a 1/2 Day. 

NERVA #2 - Scheduled for March 14, 2021

NERVA #3 - Scheduled for March 28, 2021

NERVA #4 - Scheduled for April 11, 2021

NERVA #5 - Scheduled for May 2, 2021