Date: March 28, 2021

General Changes From NERVA #2

  • Spectator Policies


  • Plaistow YMCA - 175 Plaistow Rd, Plaistow, NH

  • SportZone - 7 A Street, Derry, NH

  • Westwood Park YMCA - 90 Northwest Blvd, Nashua, NH


Schedule/Format + Results:

  • The schedule and future matches can all be found on SportWrench.

  • Check the document below to learn what Pool you are in. 




​Team Ranking + Movement​

  • 6 Team Pools

    • Top: 2 up 

    • Middle: 2 stay 

    • Bottom: 2 down 

  • 3 Team Pools 

    • Top: 2 up

    • Bottom: 1 stay 

  • 5 Team Pools

    • Top: 2 up

    • Middle: 1 stay

    • Bottom: 2 down

  • Tie Breakers

    1. Match % 

    2. Set % 

    3. Point %


Spectator Policies

  • One Spectator Per Athlete.

    • SportsZone + Plaistow YMCA

      • ​You must be with a player to gain entry.

      • All spectators will have their temperature taken upon arrival.

      • You must wear a mask for the entirety of the event.

      • Your COACH will be issued a bracelet to be given to you by your daughter and worn throughout the day.

      • The Tournament Director may, from time to time, ask you to show your bracelet.

      • Anyone without a bracelet will be politely asked to leave.

      • All Spectators are expected to do their best to socially distance themselves from other players. 

      • We will not have designated areas as there will be too many people to do so.

      • Plaistow has bleachers and camp chairs are also acceptable.

    • Westwood YMCA

      • Coaches must check in first & turn in rosters. They will then be given the wristbands for their team spectators where they are to hand them out.

      • No one can enter the facility before their allotted enter time.

      • Teams must enter together with all players & spectators in attendance.

      • No spectator will be allowed entrance without a wristband matching their teams given wristband. Anyone trying to enter without one will be turned away before they can even enter the court area.

      • All players, coaches, spectators will be temperature checked before entering the facility.

      • Masks are to be worn by all.

      • All spectators are to sit up above in the mezzanine area are to do their best to social distance themselves from others.

      • Spectators must bring own chairs to sit in. They will not be allowed to grab the folding chairs at the YMCA that are used for the virtual schooling students during the week.

      • Teams will use the bleachers and open areas at each end of the courts behind the netting for their bags, etc. No spectators will be allowed around the court unless given permission by the tournament director.

      • Hand sanitizer will be at each court on the scoreboard table as well as on the glass wall for turf field.

      • Everyone must exit the building by last court in the facility. There will be signs for all to follow.

      • Anyone who chooses to not follow our rules will be asked to leave. No exceptions.

COVID Policies - All Locations

  • Masks are required at all times. 

  • Temperature checks at each facility.

  • Vacate facility immediately after wave is complete.


Match Procedures

  • Warm-ups

    • 1 minute shared (coin toss) 4 minutes each.

  • Match Caps

    • 27pts

  • Side Switching

    • No

  • Work Teams

    • R1

      • Coach

    • R2 

      • Player

    • Score Flip + Score Tally

      • Player

    • Lines 

      • 2 Players

  • Time Between Matches​​

    • 5 min​

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